Looking to further your flexibility training? Or maybe you are just beginning your bending journey? Training is available in all levels of flexibility. After booking online, you will be emailed a consultation questionnaire. Based on your responses and needs, your training session(s) will be curated to reflect your current abilities and flexibility goals. Lessons are available for the individual and for partners.


Couples stretching inspires shared learning, connection, and healing. By communicating through stretch and release, couples are able to explore unconditional trust, enhanced intimacy, and the celebration of vulnerable partnership. Deepen your emotional and physical connection, stretch your body to release toxins and blockage, and take away partner stretch techniques within the comfort of your own space.

I would love to work with you and your partner!


A stretch flow session involves a guided, mat-based flow that gently stretches and releases the body. Think yoga- meets breathwork- meets gentle stretches. Melt into your hips, lengthen your body, and leave your session feeling lighter, relaxed, and rejuvenated. This is a great session for the individual and for a small group.

Looking for a more sensual flow toward feminine empowerment and healing? Let’s chat! Contact me to book your session (cannot be booked via site- email only).


Looking to release your mind and body together? Feeling a weight, both emotionally and physically? Has stress settled into one area of your body and refuses to depart? Let’s feel it, move through it, and then let it go.

Each session is unique to the individual’s needs and begins with a safe and supported “hashing out” of life’s weight.

Contact me to book your session (cannot be booked via site- email only).


Pole & off-the-pole DANCE:

An accomplished, and former sponsored competitive pole dancer, these days I prefer the artistry and release of inhibited pole dancing to the thrill of the stage. My personal style and pole instruction have evolved toward the exploration of sensual low flow and self-expression within storytelling and musicality, and choreography.


Freestyle dance is my absolute favorite. As the 2017 Melee on the Bayou Freestyle Division Champion, I have found such wild empowerment, both in my own freestyle release and in teaching my clients the art of freestyle movement.

Allow yourself to be guided through freestyle tips, tools, and techniques, all crafted to strengthen your confidence in freestyle movement and finding your individual flow style—a style that is fully, authentically, and uniquely yours. Utilize your life experiences to unearth and empower your flux, while connecting with your body on a deeper level! Awaken your joyous art, as you move feeling supported, safe, creative, and vulnerable.


Sexy choreography and the art of sensual floor flow well- well, I could do it all night long. Be prepared to grind, hump, bounce, tease, trace, and touch your damn self, as an ultimate expression of movement seduction. THIS is sensual healing, babe.

Let’s get slow and low, hunny. Sensual low flow, heels clacks, floor inversions, twists and turns, and slinking around like the sex kitten that you are