FluxCravt Movement Class:

“Fluxcravt is unlike anything I have ever experienced in the fitness realm. From dancing with my inner child to reconnecting to my primal roots through ancient tribal body isolation practices (also called twerking), and all the deep seeded trama and drama release along the way.  My inner goddess feels awakened, refreshed and full of new tools and techniques to handle whatever comes my way. THIS is the future of wellness.” -Teal D.

“How to describe Fluxcravt – in a word? FIRE. Dez’s classes unleash an energetic approach to working out. It feels less like a chore, and more like a spiritual awakening. Short, high intensity moves paired with soothing stretches, visualization practices, and a healthy dose of ass shaking have drawn out the fierce femininity I never knew I had. It’s primal, it’s raw, and it connects the mind and body like few other workouts. I love starting and ending each class with intention setting and meditative exercises that help transcend the hour-long workout, and continue to carry with me throughout my day.” -Ashley S.

“I’ve been taking movement classes with Desiree since 2012, and she is a big reason why I continue the movement practices that I have. Her encouragement, her magnetic energy, and her knowledge of the body is a powerhouse combination that makes training with her a supportive, fun experience. I love the vibe of FluxCravt because of the intention behind the whole workout, it’s a time for moving my body, but it’s also such a centering time that brings me back to myself. Desiree incorporates elements that mean my mind, body, and soul all feel refreshed at the end of each class. Her flexibility training makes me actually want to stretch, something I’m usually averse to, because she is so knowledgeable technically around flexibility and contortion that I know I can trust her completely, but also so loving in the process that I can push past the mental blocks that come up. She is so inclusive and intuitive as an instructor that I’ve never felt uncomfortable in her classes, which is saying something for those who are in group fitness often. Thank you for helping me feel at home in my body and pushing my limits, Dez!” -Natalie T.

Flexibility & Stretch Instruction:

“Dez is amazing at what she does!! She knows how to tap into those tight muscles and get them to release and lengthen. She uses a number of amazing techniques to increase both passive and active flexibility, and to make your body not only limber, but strong. When I started her classes, I hadn’t worked out in years, and had no dance/yoga experience, and she helped me improve my back bend, get closer to my splits, and start to open tight and stubborn hips! Flexibility is a constant journey, and one I’m still on a year later, but I’m glad I had Dez to guide me and get me moving in the direction I wanted! She’s incredible! Love her and her classes!!” -Dominique S.

“Starting out I was barely able to touch my toes and that made it scary for me to think that was where I was starting. Almost 4 years later and countless flexibility sessions with Dez my front splits have become one of my favorite traits. Although Pole is amazing,it is nothing without flexibility, and without Dez I would not have found passion in either.” -Deanna L.

“I’ll never forget the first flexibility class I took with Dez. Despite being an entry level class, it was one of the most challenging things I've ever done, and I’m a long-distance runner (read: masochist). But the next day I felt incredible! This class has quickly become one of my most important cross-training staples in addition to providing me mental and emotional release. Dez’s understanding and appreciation of anatomy is crucial to her success as a flexibility and contortion instructor. In her class I discovered all the supporting background muscles that are the real champions of flexibility. She’s helped me to discover the gains that come with active as well as passive flexibility. She listens to my injury concerns and modifies accordingly. For an athlete who weight trains the fact that I can do the splits is, frankly, a miracle, and I owe it all to Dez.” -Ashley S

“Dez is one of a kind Pole Fitness instructor that I have ever met. Whether you are trying to improve your pole fitness skills or working on your flexibility, Dez with her years of experiences and commitment; she will get you there! She is such a great motivator and with her commitment and enthusiasm, she will help you succeed in your fitness goals. To me, she has got the highest star ratings and will happily continue to train with her myself.” -Linda A.

“As someone firmly beholden to the laws of reality, I once believed that intuitive readings were bullshit. Dez brought my skeptical walls crumbling down by stripping her readings down to their essence. There I was staring at my own reflection in the mirror forced to tackle the problems I had kept buried, and celebrate the strengths I had long neglected. I could not have asked for a kinder, more patient, and intuitive individual to give my life the gentle push it needed.” -Ashley


Coaching + Guidance Sessions:

“Dez gave me a tarot reading for my birthday last year in January. I was mixed up and confused and didn’t know what to do in terms of path direction. I was heartbroken and scared and unsure if the next thing I wanted to do it was going to help or change anything for me. But she gave me such insight, and The things she was telling me were already lining up with occurrences in present time. It was crazy! She was right and last year was a much different here than the previous ones for me. I kept referring back to my notes that I took during our reading just so I could stay on the path as much as possible. I am overdue with booking again, but I definitely am it was crazy! She was right and last year was a much different year than the previous ones for me. I kept referring back to my notes that I took during our reading just so I could stay on path as much as possible. I am overdue with booking again, but I definitely am booking again booking another reading this year!” -Kristina

"Dez did a reading on me quite a while ago. As she showed me the cards and explained them I started crying because I was in the midst of a very overwhelming time. She walked me through the moment I was having with hope and kindness. The issue only recently resolved, but resolve it did, just as the cards said it would. And just like Dez said I’m better and stronger from the journey. I thought about that reading a lot, because she made it such a positive experience. She is a gift!" -Kelli

"I’ve had intuitive readings done with Dez for two years now and she never fails to amaze me - it’s as if she is truly seeing into my heart, and I believe she does. Her readings have given me more clarity, guidance, and understanding of myself. I could not thank her enough!" -Veronika

"Coming up with the right words to describe Dez is incredibly challenging because she is so many amazing things. She is one of the most intuitive human beings I have ever met and emits light, love, and magick wherever she goes. When I first met Dez, she instantly put me at ease, which is no easy feat. After a reading, I not only feel understood and cared for, but I also have a sense of calm and clarity in regards to any questions or challenges I may have that day. I am so thankful the universe made our paths cross and I am sure everyone who knows her feels the same. Dez = Goddess." -Jessica M

"Finding guidance was daunting for me. My brain would sense what would not fit its belief structure and throw it away. Finding Dez and witnessing her experience has shown me what the body, mind, and intuition have in common, and utilizing Dez's work has directed me in a path where I now have complete understanding and peace." -Deanna B

“I reached out to Dez at one of the most pivotal moments in my life. I was closing one of the biggest chapters of my life while busting opening the next big adventure, and in the midst of everything, I felt a funk I just couldn't shake and I needed some insight and clarity to help sort everything out. I was ending a 10 year relationship and about to launch a business, to say I was lost and confused was an understatement. I messaged her one night about needing a reading because I had a funk in my soul that I just couldn't shake. There was so much going on around me and I just needed to see where my compass needle was really pointing to. From the moment she returned my message (incredibly quickly, even for holiday time of the year standards) there was a wave of relief over me. We set a time and date and I couldn't wait to get some clarity.

From that moment till the day I sat down with Dez, any time I started to feel my emotions shift or if things started to feel off, I told myself "Clarity is coming...". The day finally came and when I entered the space we were doing my reading, it felt safe and open. We sat down, started talking and opening up and the cards spoke the truth. They spoke of my past, my present, and my future. They did NOT hold back. In addition to being in a space that felt so safe and secure and having cards that are speaking to my soul as well as Dez being there supporting me through my journey, she was also able to take me to a place of self-discovery that I had not been too. She tapped into a portion of my past that needed to be addressed and I had never considered aDdressing that moment of my life. She brought a whole new level of awareness to me that I had not experienced before. This awareness has helped me grow so much as an individual, as a mother, and as a woman.

The way everything lined up with reaching out to her, being at a cross roads my life, and having her guide me was more than I could have ever asked for. Her ability to put things into perspective and bring Clarity to questions that I had was insightful on a level I may not have achieved without her.

Dez has a beautiful soul that makes you know you're safe in her space. Her insight and aura surround you in support and peace. I cant speak highly enough about her as a person. She's pure magic.” -Mikanh G